Festival Program Booklet
Our Festival Program Booklet will be distributed throughout the area. The guide is free of charge and will contain ads from local businesses, a listing of our sponsors and information about the festival.
Advertising in the Festival Program Booklet

There will be 3 sizes of ads available this year.

1/8 page ad
Measuring 2.74" W x 2.24" H
cost $25.00

1/4 page ad
Measuring 5.48" W x 2.24" H
cost $50.00

1/2 page ad
Measuring 5.49" W x 4" H
cost $75.00

Full page ad
Measuring 5.49" W x 8.5" H
cost $100.00

Measuring 2.74" W x 2.24" H
cost $25.00
If you have your own print ready ad, we can use it.  The ad must be in either .jpg .png or .eps formats, and must conform to the size restraints.

If you do not have a print ready ad, our Graphics Design Department can design the ad for you at the cost of $25.00.  You must provide all content and details on how the ad should look.

If you have any questions concerning placing an ad in our guide, email us at festivalguide@mayfestivalarcadia.com.