This is the first part of your vendor application. You must read and digitally sign this contract before completing the vendor application. Printing your name in the space provided constitutes your legal and binding signature for this contract.


This contract is between the Festival Provider (May Festival Association, Inc.) and the Vendor (vendor name).  This contract is considered legal and binding by law in the State of Indiana, once the Vendor affixes their name to this contract.


  1. Festival Provider will be known as May Festival Association, Inc.
  2. Vendor will be known as the name of the person signing this contract.



The Festival Provider

  1. Will provide the time and location that the Vendor will arrive, set up and depart for the duration of the festival.
  2. Will provide sanitation as required by law and grant access to the Vendor for the duration of the festival.
  3. Will provide the both space size purchased by the Vendor.
  4. Will provide constant flowing electricity (if) purchased by the Vendor.  Barring any unforeseen acts of God.
  5. Will provide security for the general area, but does not provide security for the individual Vendor.


The Vendor

  1. Will arrive and set up at the time and location provided by the Festival Provider.
  2. Will sell only the items agreed to by the Festival Provider.
  3. Will leave the booth space area assigned to them in the same condition in which they received it.  i.e. fill in any ruts, remove all trash, dispose of gray water off-site.
  4. Will remain set up and open for the duration of the festival.
  5. Will pay a $50 deposit
  6. Will forfeit their $50 deposit if they don't show up to the event or if they do not remain set up and open for the duration of the event.


This area of the contract covers all requirements set forth by the Festival Provider, not covered in the previous paragraphs.

  1. This is a family friendly, kid safe zone, and shall remain as such for the duration of the festival.
  2. Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited in the confines of the festival.
  3. Defensive personal weapons shall not be displayed by any Vendor at any time for the duration of the festival.
  4. It is the responsibility of the Vendor to complete the electronic Vendor Application and submit it with payment.
  5. Booth space shall not be considered confirmed until the Festival Provider has received proper payment from the Vendori.e. Papal, credit card, check or money order payment.
  6. The Festival Provider reserves the right to shut down and remove any vendor not complying with the provisions of this contract.
  7. All booth space sales are final.  By affixing their name to this contract, the Vendor understands and agrees they shall not ask for a refund for any reason.
  8. By affixing their name to this contract, the Vendor agrees to hold harmless the Festival Provider for any mishaps as a direct result of negligence on the part of the Vendor.

I have read this contract in its entirety, and fully understand it.  I further understand, by affixing my name to this contract, that I am bound by law in the State of Indiana to comply with all areas of this contract and will willingly do so.




Vendor signature can not be a company name